April 10, 2019

Quantifying the Need

It was Halloween weekend last year and I recently moved into a new neighborhood. Naturally, I went to the store to buy candy to pass out that night. As I got there, I faced a conundrum as I didn’t know whether I should expect many guests or just a few and I had no way to figure out the right answer. So as I stood there in the candy aisle for what felt like hours, I faced a dilemma, buy a great deal of candy or purchase a single bag of candy which might not be enough but would make things easier on my wallet. Situations like this will come up for your clients as well, especially when it comes to the topic of life insurance....
February 5, 2019

Getting From Here to There: Tips on Closing the Retirement Gap

Retirement planning is scary…but does it have to be? We live in a time where people are living longer and need their money to last just […]
May 5, 2014

College Savings is an Area that Cries Out for Planning

Check out the findings of a survey by Fidelity Investments of 2,196 parents who have children expected to attend college. What they learned should be important to any agent or representative serving this lucrative market.